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Chartered Accountants, India

N D R & Co, Chartered Accountants, India is a highly professional modern practice, managed by partners with unrivaled domestic experience. All members of N D R & Co, Chartered Accountants, India are well respected. The firm’s Client Policy is regarded as a world leader. All Chartered Accountants are bound by a Code of Ethics. This requirement sets them apart from others offering accounting services to the public.

N D R & Co, Chartered Accountants, India Code of Ethics :

  • Is rigorously enforced and provides the clients with assurance of professional integrity.
  • Is relevant and appropriate to the commercial environment in which the chartered accountants work.
  • Conforms with all domestic / international guidelines.
  • Provides the basis for disciplinary action when necessary.
  • Helps the chartered accountants understand their obligations, both to the firm and to society.

The Code requires that Chartered Accountants, India must :

  • Be straightforward, honest and sincere in their approach to professional work.
  • Be impartial and free of any conflict of interest.
  • Have a high standard of competence.
  • Work according to certain technical and professional standards.
  • Refrain from conduct that might bring discredit to the profession.
  • Respect their clients’ confidentiality.
  • Any breaches of the Code of Ethics are viewed very seriously. N D R & Co, Chartered Accountants, India has a stringent process for dealing with complaints about the chartered accountants through its Professional Conduct Committee. The Committee can reprimand a member, impose penalties, or refer serious matters to the Disciplinary Tribunal. Professional conduct is enhanced by a Practice Review process, which regularly assesses the work of Chartered Accountants of India in public practice to ensure that the Firm’s standards are being maintained.
  • The chartered accountants of the Firm are required to keep themselves up-to-date with best business practice. Professional development (supplied by other providers) is compulsory for chartered accountants offering their services.
  • N D R & Co, Chartered Accountants, India is a respected advocate for better and fairer tax and commercial laws. In this role, the Chartered Accountants Firm helps to ensure that legislative priorities are continually assessed to benefit the client as a whole.

The Chartered Accountants Firm has a strong public relations role that ensures the community is informed about its views on many important issues.

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The range of services N D R & Co, Chartered Accountants, India offers to clients helps them give their clients and employers the best possible advice. This includes a wide range of print and electronic information, such as the Chartered Accountants Journal of India, which provides monthly comment and information for clients and the business community.

The driving force behind these and all activities undertaken by N D R & Co, Chartered Accountants, India is contained in its vision: Comprehensive Solutions for complex matters.