PROFILE OF DR. LINDA S. SPEDDING

Dr. Spedding’s legal experience encompasses national and international law, EU law, copyright law, corporate advice, joint ventures, project finance, drafting contracts, consultancy agreements and technology transfer.

  • Her unique qualifications have enhanced an understanding of risk management within organizations having regard to cultural differences within organizations and jurisdictions. She has advised on CSR and corporate responsibility over many years to enable organizations and achieve a sound reputation. Dr. Spedding has extensive experience in and knowledge of international and comparative developed and developing regulatory regimes.
  • Dr. Spedding academically qualified as a solicitor in the UK in 1975 and She added to her experience through an LL.M. in European and International Law and an extended work experience at the Legal Service of the European Commission in Brussels. She also pursued her Ph.D. in European and International Law relating to the freedom of movement of the legal profession while continuing in practice.
  • Over the years since her PhD. (1984) Dr. Spedding has had many works published commencing with “Transnational Legal Practice in the EEC and USA” in 1987, having been admitted to the New York Bar as an Attorney at Law in 1985.
  • She has always maintained an interest in the freedom of legal professionals and in assisting the independence and integrity of the legal profession through her interest in community work. She founded Women in Law (WIL) and developed WIL’s services in this regard and the network has expanded into key jurisdictions. One of the key areas has related to wellbeing, education and healthy lifestyle.
  • Since the 1980’s her work has been published extensively, particularly in the area of environmental law and management, energy and risk, and has spoken regularly at conferences and in-house training sessions. Dr. Spedding was awarded the Alexander Maxwell Law Scholarship Trust Award in the 1995/1996 awards for her contribution in this area.
  • She was also nominated as a People’s Peer as a result of her service in the environmental field in 2000 and runner-up as the first law society committee member in environmental law in 2002.
  • She has also developed trans-border expertise on issues relating to ethical business practice, corporate governance, CSR and risks. These include energy risks, advice on the carbon foot print and relationships with stakeholders.