image• Auditing and Accounting: The professionals at N D R & Company help you determine the required financial and management information, and provide accounting services to track your financial results and meet your statutory obligations. We provide cost effective solutions to organisations’ financial prospects and related issues such as Internal Auditing, Due Diligence, Corporate Governance, Statutory and Non Statutory Audits and Preparation of Accounting and Procedural Manual.

• Taxation : The aim is to formulate effective tax strategies for efficient tax planning. We practice Corporate & Personal Income tax planning and management, Sales Tax Planning & Management (on all India basis) and Service Tax.

• Corporate Finance & Related Services: The firm provides services related to Business Valuation, Financial Projection, Joint Ventures, Mergers and De-mergers, Financial Feasibility Study, Fund Raising, Corporate Restructuring, Debt Securitization, International Trade and Venture Capital and Mutual Fund.

• Off-shore Clients Services: Services related to Investment Advisory (FDI & other Inward Remittances), Acquisition/ Disposal of Shares/properties, Company Incorporation and related matters, RBI, FIPB and other Government Approvals and Compliance with FEMA and related regulations.

• Other Services: Other services include services related to following areas:
Bank & FI related Services (Statutory Audit, Concurrent Audit, Stock audit, Inspection, Investigation & Risk Management) Co-operatives & NGO Services (Cooperative Societies, Cooperative Banks, Cooperative Institutions, Non Govt. Organisations-Formation, Auditing, Accounting and other related matters)
Investigation (Tax and Corporate/Banks), Payroll Accounting, Human Resource Outsourcing Services.

• Organizational Development
Organizational Development is a field of practice that helps people and organizations work toward collective outcomes in a way that considers both organizational and individual interests. Unless your organization employs modern management techniques you cannot meet your organizational goals. Teamwork is the key organizational need today, and OD has the answers as to how to make teams work.

OD raises your profits, increases your market- share, enhances your corporate image, and raises the value of your stock. It leads you into future, enables you to keep up or surpass your competitors, spots and evaluates the trends for you, and makes you a twenty first century organization.

We offer our consultancy to make your organization a good work place, which in turn enhances your employee’s proficiency and productivity.